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When Kali learns a shocking secret about her family, she must fight to stop dark forces from destroying her world, even if that means sacrificing everything. But will it be so easy to fight the darkness when it lives within her, too?



Incipience is the debut novel by author L. Gourley. The first in a series, this fantasy novel follows Kali as she learns the hidden truth of her family history and fights against the evil set on destroying everything she loves.

This story channels the feelings of the author’s lifelong experience with chronic mental illness, acting as a metaphor for many of the elements associated with mental ill-health.


“I freaking LOVED IT!

…honest to God, your writing blew me away and this is a book that you should absolutely be so proud of. The writing was raw and engaging, I completely understood everything you were trying to do and I am so excited for you.”


“That was a ride! Action-packed, great voices, emotional investments, the whole thing…SO GOOD.””

Zin E. Rocklyn

Trigger Warnings: Incipience

A detailed list of common triggers for Incipience: may contain spoilers. Please note this list is not exhaustive. To submit a suggestion please contact the author.

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Anniversary Re-Release

Together with A. Roberts (Pigletish) we have relaunched Incipience with a brand new cover to celebrate the first anniversary of it’s release. As part of this, there’s also a giveaway running until 29th July to win a paperback of the newly released cover: Thank you to everyone who has supported Incipience so far, making myContinue reading “Anniversary Re-Release”

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